PET Flakes Production Lines are used for producing PET flakes from waste beverage bottles, food packaging and sheets which are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

PET flakes that are produced by these lines are used as raw material for yarn, fabric, fibre, or packaging manufacturing. These flakes can also be converted into granules that can be used for food contact product manufacturing by using appropriate extruders.

PET Flakes Production Lines consist of Pre-Washing and Separation, Size Reduction, Sink - Float, Cold and Hot Washing, Label Separation and Drying steps.

Pre-Washing step is for washing the surface contaminants on the scrap. Separation can be done manually or as an option colour and polymer separation can be done automatically at Separation stage.

After Pre-Washing and Separation, prewashed and separated scrap is ground into flake size at Size Reduction part. Intensive cleaning is done by Friction Washers, Sink – Float Tanks and Chemical Hot Washing System.  After washing and dewatering remaining fluffy fractions can be separated by Air Separation.  

PET Flakes Production Lines are designed according to throughput, contamination level and type of contaminants.