Rigid and Film Recycling Lines are used for recycling Polyethylene (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) scrap plastics. These are the widely used recycling lines in plastic recycling industry as they are suitable for recycling contaminated waste in film and rigid form.


Machines and features of machines which are constituting the Rigid and Film Recycling Lines are chosen according to hourly throughput, types and percentage of contamination.

Waste plastics, that are sorted out as film or rigid, are shred by the Shredder at the first stage of the recycling line. Shred plastics are transferred to Washing section of the line by using conveyors or screw conveyors.

Floating PE – PP are separated from heavy contaminants (heavy plastics like PET, PVC, glass pieces, metal caps and coins etc.) in Sink Float Tanks and washed intensively by Friction Washers and Turbo Washers. Models and amount of washing equipment are chosen according to type and percentage of contamination.

Shred and washed plastics are dewatered by Film Dewatering Machine, Turbo Dryer or Spin Dryer depending on the form of plastics. After dewatering by the relevant machine plastics are transferred to Buffering Silo for feeding the extrusion process.

Granule Extrusion part is used for producing reusable recycled granules. Plastics are densified and extruded in “Single Step” by fully automated and PLC controlled CRT Extruder Densifier. Melt plastic is filtered by melt filters and cut into pellets automatically by Pelletizers. Pellets are pneumatically transferred to Storage Silos or Big Bag Filling Stations according to throughput.