Screen Changers are used for filtering the contaminants from the melt. Double Plate Screen Changer have 4 screening zones on 2 plates. Mesh filters (screens) are placed on the screening zones for filtrating the contaminants such as paper, aluminium, polymers that melt at higher melting points etc.

Melt coming from the extruder is directed to 2 screening zones at the same time and screen changing interval is increased. While 2 screening zones are on duty, 2 of them are at idle position, ready to be replaced when the on duty screens are clogged by contaminants.

Screening zone diameter is chosen according to throughput and contamination percentage. Input pressure increases as the mesh filter surface is blocked by the contaminants. Audial and visual alarm is triggered automatically to inform the operator for changing the mesh filter when the input pressure reaches the set high level. Plate is moved by hydraulic power which is generated by hydraulic power unit to change the mesh filter and Extruder is not stopped during mesh filter changing. Nitrogen reinforced hydraulic power unit is used for rapid screen plate movement.

Different models of Screen Changers from Ø250 mm screening zone to Ø350 mm screening zone are available in our production programme.


FTS300 FTS350
300x2 350x2
FILTER ZONE (psc)* 2
2 2
TROUGHPUT (kg/h)* 3200 4250 5500

Technical details are for information only. Producer reserves right to change catalogue data without notice.

* May differ according to type, form, MFI of plastic and filtration fineness.