CRT Extruder Densifier is the state of art technology among plastic granulating systems. Simple operation, intelligent control system and automatic operation leads to minimum operator requirement and cost benefit.  

All forms (flakes, foam, fluff) of LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS can be granulated by CRT Extruder Densifier. Plastics consisting up to 7% residual humidity can be granulated thanks to the integrated automatic Densifier system.

Thanks to the superior technologies of CRT Extruder Densifier;

  • Final Drying,
  • Densification,
  • Homogenisation,
  • Plasticising,
  • Degassing,

are done at Single Step.

Intelligent control system allows Autonomous Operation which means no operator is required to run the machine. All parameters that is required to run the machine can be saved as different receipts according to the type and form of plastic to be granulated, while switching to different plastics parameters is chosen and downloaded to the machine by a Single Button.

CRT Extruder Densifier follows the capacity according to system parameters and automatically intakes required raw material to Densifier hopper. Final Drying, Densification and pre-degassing are done by the friction which is generated by the rotating and fixed blades in Densifier.

Gap between Densifier and Extruder screw is adjusted automatically by PLC control and motor-powered gate creates the correct gap. By this technology only the plastics that are ready to be fed into the screw can pass the gap. Plastics that are prewarmed in the Densifier are fed into the screw while they are still warm, so that high energy efficiency and high throughput are ensured. CRT Extruder Densifier operates in fully automatic mode and supervision during operation is not required.

High degassing and suction efficiency thanks to Extruder screw design with twin degassing zones and powerful vacuum pump. Liquid ring vacuum pump made of AISI316 stainless steel is used, sucked gas is mixed with water by the vacuum pump and discharged. Condensation tank made of AISI304 stainless steel with cooling layer is used to circulate the water which is required by the vacuum pump. 1 – 1.2 m3/h water is saved by the condensation tank.

Power transmission between Extruder motor and Gearbox is realized by steel spring coupling and this saves energy comparing to belt driven systems. Extruder motor and Densifier motor are both controlled by individual inverters. IE3 energy efficient class motors are used for high energy efficiency.

CRT A105
CRT A125
CRT A140
CRT A150
CRT A160
CRT A170
75 85 95 105 125 140 150 160 170
SCREW L/D 24/38 24/38 24/38 24/38 24/38/49 24/38/49 24/38/49 24/38/49 24/38/49 24/38/49
TOTAL MOTOR POWER (kw-max)* 95 130 200 242 295 450 515 605 715 765
MAX THROUGHPUT (kg/h)* 200 300 450 550 700 900 1100 1300 1500 1800

Technical details are for information only. Producer reserves right to change catalogue data without notice.

* May differ according to type, form, MFI of plastic and filtration fineness.