Granule Extruders with Side Feeding Unit are mostly used for granulating low bulk density and cohesive plastics such as film fluff or foam chips. Shred or ground dry plastics and washed and dried plastics can be granulated.

Plastics to be granulated are transferred to the Extruder screw from Side Feeding Unit’s hopper by inverter-controlled motor-powered Side Feeding screw. Inverter controlled motor-powered vertical agitator inside hopper to prevent bridging.

Thanks to speed-controlled Side Feeding Screw and Extruder Screw, constant pressure and high throughput is reached while processing plastics with different bulk density and MFI range.

Screw diameter, screw length / diameter ratio (L/D), degassing zone amount, melt filter type is designed according to type, form and contamination of input.

PTA hard face welding is applied on screw flights for extra protection against abrasion. Screw and barrel are hardened by nitration and induction. Bimetallic barrels produced by centrifugal casting are also available.

Direct coupling connection of gearbox and main motor, ceramic insulated heaters and inverters lead to high energy efficiency.

Side Feed Granule Extruders are controlled by intelligent PLC system and user-friendly touch screen. Receipt system allows saving parameters for different types of plastics and this allows fast and reliable parameter changing for different plastics. “Single Button” starting feature leads to simple operation for Side Feed Granule Extruder.