Friction Washers are used to intensively wash plastic wastes with water under high speed and provide deep cleaning with the friction created with a special rotor design. Thanks to its improved rotor design, it works with high efficiency in film and flake materials.

The friction washers are mounted on an inclined construction. The material enters at the lower end of the washer with vertical in-feed. The special angular flights in conjunction with the high rpm of the shaft transport the material in an inclined direction toward the top of the unit and simultaneously executes the washing phase. Fines, water and soaked fiberous paper are separated through the perforated screen cage which surrounds the high speed shaft and allows the separated material to flow down through the friction washer housing to the lower discharge pipe.


Thanks to the high access capability provided to the sieve and rotor areas, maintenance and cleaning time is reduced to a minimum.


Washing Centrifuges can be manufactured from AISI304 stainless steel or Carbon Steel material.

330 Ø300*3000
340 Ø300*4000
430 Ø400*3000
440 Ø400*4000
530 Ø500*3000
540 Ø500*4000
630 Ø600*3000
640 Ø600*4000

Technical details are for information only. Producer reserves right to change catalogue data without notice.

* May differ according to type, form, MFI of plastic and filtration fineness.