Water Ring Pelletizers are suitable for pelletizing PE, PP, PS and ABS automatically. Plastic melt coming from the extruder passes through the die plate, immediately cut by the rotating blades and granules are mixed with water in the pelletizing chamber. Water is used as a cooling and transporting agent, but water doesn’t come into contact with the die plate in water ring pelletizers. Granules are cooled by water as they are being transferred to the integrated dewatering centrifuge. Granule length is adjustable by inverter-controlled blade motor. Amount, diameter, and geometry of holes on die plate is chosen according to type of plastic and throughput.

Dimensions of integrated dewatering centrifuge is designed according to throughput. Steam fan is used for discharging the humid air inside the centrifugal dyer which is generated during dewatering.

Pelletizers are completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Pelletizing blades and die plate are made of special alloy steels and coatings according to the type of plastic. By mobile parts, maintenance period is minimized.

GK250 GK430
SPIN DRYER Ø200x1000 Ø250x1500 Ø430x1500
POWER (kw)* 17 21 28
THROUGHPUT (kg/h)* 400
800 1500

S: Standard  O: Optional 


Technical details are for information only. Producer reserves right to change catalogue data without notice.

* May differ according to type, form, MFI of plastic and filtration fineness.